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New York City


   Learning foreign language is really important nowadays. I enjoy learning new language, history and culture of the country. Also I love to travel, Ive been in lots of cities, some of them are really common, even in different countries but New York City is unique, its one of my favorite cities.

Ive been to New York several times and I enjoy spending time there. The best part of the city is Manhattan, its the only place that makes New York different from the other cities.

What can you do in New York? First of all, just walk around streets and avenues. I really enjoy that. If you get tired you can use a bus or subway (one day pass for buss and subways is $4), actually I never did that.
Second of all, there are lots of museums in New York: Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Modern Art (my favorite), Guggenheim museum, Museum of Natural History, planetarium, etc.

Time Square another place where you can spend great time. All day long millions of lights are lighting Time Square. By the way MTV studios is also there.

Another cool place to visit is New Yorks Rockefeller center. This august they had an exhibition of aero technology (that was really nice).
Also you can and probably you should go and watch musical in New York. Unfortunately I havent seen one, but I saw Broadways musical 42 Street in Moscow.

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New York City

New York City.  .
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